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Experts estimate individuals will need as much as 70 to 90% of their pre-retirement income to maintain their current lifestyle. Most retirees we see will need to tap several sources, including Social Security, pensions, employer savings plans and personal savings, to provide all the retirement income they desire. In drafting your financial plan, we will help you determine how much money you will need and when, take inventory of your financial resources and project your income and applicable tax consequences.

Once we have agreed upon a plan and made the necessary investments, we will regularly review your plan with you for any changes to your goals or lifestyle, health or income. We will analyze your portfolio in light of your plan. We will review predictions about income needs and key life events and make any changes necessary. Finally, we will assess shortfalls or windfalls you have experienced and make any adjustments necessary.

We believe that regular reviews of your financial strategy are our responsibility, so you can spend your retirement doing the things you enjoy most.


Effective estate planning can help you reduce your estate taxes, ensure your beneficiaries receive the money you wish, and allow you to maintain control of your assets in case you become incapacitated.  At Regal Advisory Services, we help clients employ a number of powerful estate planning tools such as wills, trusts, charitable remainder trusts, last-to-die life insurance policies and carefully selected beneficiary designations.

We also have relationships with attorneys specializing in estate law -- living trusts, IRAs, estate tax laws, probate, durable powers of attorney -- who can help clients as needed. (Referrals to these attorneys are made solely for the benefit of our clients, and we never receive compensation for business conducted with these attorneys.)


We can help you evaluate what kind and how much insurance coverage you might need. As part of your financial plan, we will help you identify how life insurance, second-to-die policies and even long-term care insurance might benefit you and your family.  Our financial planners are licensed life insurance agents and we have licensed long-term care insurance agents on staff to help facilitate selecting and purchasing any additional insurance you may need to complete your financial plan.


At different times in your life, you might require different levels of service to help protect your family. At Regal we can help provide the objectivity and foresight needed to work towards a financially independent future for your beneficiaries.  We can also help you find an asset management or trust services firm, employ wealth transfer strategies and set-up a legacy plan to meet your family’s changing financial needs.

Regal has researched a number of trust services providers nationwide to help our clients employ the expertise of trained, professional trust officers and the financial responsibility, facilities and systems needed to accurately and efficiently handle your investment and estate management. Such service providers, in conjunction with your Regal financial planner, can provide objective, discreet and professional handling of your personal financial affairs, now and for generations to come. 


As part of our financial planning process, we look at a client’s tax burden and strive to recommend tax-savings strategies where appropriate. A Regal financial planner can help you evaluate the appropriate role for tax-advantaged investment vehicles in your portfolio. And in our fee-based asset management program offered through SEI Investments, high net worth clients can take advantage of a unique tax-controlled approach to selling company stock.

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§ It is possible to experience a loss of principal when investing in a brokered CD.  If a CD is sold prior to maturity, the pre-maturity sales price of the brokered CD may be significantly less than its original purchase price.  The secondary market for brokered CDs may be limited and they are widely considered illiquid.  Upon completion of the distribution, the firm may not make a market in this CD. 

Brokered CDs may include a provision that allows the issuer to “call” or redeem the CD prior to maturity at a given price.  This option is solely at the discretion of the issuer.  Investors seeking to reinvest redeemed funds may be subject to reinvestment risk. Brokered CDs may have a “step-up” or a “step-down” feature.  These rates may be above or below prevailing market rates and may be callable during periods of falling interest rates.  CDs with step-down or call provisions may be less favorable than traditional CDs without these features.  Federal deposit insurance generally covers deposits of up to $100,000 in the aggregate for each depositor in each bank, thrift, or credit union. A customer should ensure that purchasing any insured CD will not bring his or her aggregate deposit over the $100,000 FDIC insurance limit. There is no FDIC insurance for any principal losses that may be incurred.